Sunday, 5 February 2012

NOTD - OPI Are We There Yet?

I popped into Sally's after work on Friday with the intention of buying some shampoo, having not found anything I liked I ended up browsing the OPI stand and came away with two new polishes...woops!

One of the polishes I picked up is Are We There Yet? which is part of OPI's Touring America range, it's a gorgeous melon(?) shade with a beautiful shimmer that is very subtle.

Although this range was technically launched in Autumn/Winter I think this is a perfect all year round colour - especially for Spring! I applied roughly two (quite thick) coats on and like most of my OPI polishes, dried reasonably quick with a nice smooth finish.

I also have Road House Blues from this range which I am debating on wearing on my nails for TOWIB next weekend - who else is going by the way? :)

Other shades from this range I have my eye on are Colour to Diner For and Get in the Expresso Lane.

Have you bought any shades from this range?

Leave a comment below!


  1. I don't have any OPI nail polishes :(. I must invest in some!

  2. I've never used opi nail polishes, it's the price tag that gets me I think. I love this colour, orange always reminds me of summer!! :D

  3. Rosie Crompton5 February 2012 11:06

    ooo this is LOVELY. I adore tangeriney coraly colours! Have fun at TOWIB, I can't go, got to work :( boo!
    Love Rosie x

  4. I saw this in Sallys + wasnt sure about buying it or not but actually on nails it looks amazing! I defo have to pick this shade up!
    Have you used My Private jet before? It's kinda a pewter sorta shade, I also looked at that + wasnt sure about how it would look on but did buy it and it looks great too!


  5. SparklyFlamingo5 February 2012 13:59

    I love this colour! Definitely would be great for Spring! x

  6. Hey doll, ive awarded you the versatile blog award :) xxx

  7. That is gorgeous! I love peachy/melon shades :) x

  8. woh it is good color not in red nor in orange some different color.

  9. I love that orange! It's gorgeous I think it'd be so perfect for the summer!



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