Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Lazy Lush Sunday : Abombinaball Bath Bomb

 I stopped off at Lush last weekend when I was finishing off my Christmas shopping and I just couldn't resist buying a few of the new Christmas products to try for myself! One of them being   the Abombinaball Bath Bomb which is a bath bomb in the shape of the abombinaball snowman (as you may have already guessed by the name). 

For a monster - he's pretty cute right? The scents (as described by Lush) in this ballistic are peppermint oil, vanilla absolute and orange oil. The scent I could first smell when I picked up the ballistic in the store was the peppermint - but it wasn't too overpowering which is quite good for a mint-scented product.

This bomb took a while to dissolve but that's not a bad thing! First off there were some pretty yellow-y green and some blue colours surrounding the white foam around the ball, then this beautiful bright blue came fizzing out of the middle of the ballistic before it completely dissolved and left my bath water looking like this....

I could smell all of the scents when the ballistic had completely dissolved, again not overpowering at all, it made a very relaxing bath which left my skin feeling so soft and clean! You pick this bomb up online or from any store for just £2.95 - bargain!

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas products yet?

What's your favourite?

Leave a comment below!

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  1. This looks fab, i'm going to get one next time i go to lush :) x

  2. This looks lovely! I definitely think I'm getting my Lush love back! :-)

  3. nice! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from This Is Transition if you'd like to check it out. :)

  4. My sister got me the beautiful Berry giftset last year after I had my son and I STILL haven't used it though may do this week as your post has definately put me in the mood! I'm more a shower person :(


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