Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lush : Golden Egg Review

I'm a huge fan of Lush and their amazing products, after attending an event at my local store not so long ago I picked up the "Golden Egg" which is part of the Easter 2014 collection.

Lush Golden Egg £3.50 each

This not so little beauty is a bath melt and bomb rolled into one. Surprisingly enough you do not get completely covered in glitter with this product which is an added bonus for me. The scent is mostly toffee with a subtle hint of honey - nothing too overpowering!

You will need to have your bath water fairly warm/hot to start with the melt the first layer of the egg, but it doesn't take long for the fizz of the ballistic in the center to make an appearance - hello bubbles!

Once the egg has completely dissolved you are left with lime-yellow water and the perfect balance of bubbles. There are some traces of glitter but not enough for you to come out of the bath like a human version of the bath melt itself! The fragrances are mostly citrus - definitely some lovely subtle orange scents. The Golden Egg contains Columbian Cocoa Butter (Fair Trade of course) so your skin is left feeling soft and silky smooth.

This really is lovely product, I love that it's not too messy to use and the 2 in 1 factor of it being a bath melt and bomb which are my favourite Lush products. The scents are ever so relaxing and you step out of the bath feeling truly relaxed and pampered.

You still can pick some of these up online and in store - I'm very tempted to pick up another before they all go!

Have you tried any of the Lush Easter products? What was your favourite?

♥ Sarah x