Wednesday, 10 September 2014

TIGI Catwalk Bodifying Spray

I'm always on the hunt for the next best volumizing product to help achieve that "perfect blow dry", my hair is pretty thick so to get any volume out of it and for it to a stay is a task on its own!

TIGI Catwalk have a great range of styling products from creams and gels to sprays. The Bodifying Spray is described as containing a cocktail of shape-creation polymers that add style control for a sophisticated look. If you're wanting to create a blow dry that is bold and bouncy with a subtle hold then read on...

 I find creams, gels and mousses a bit hard to apply as I always end up putting far too much product in my hand and end up wasting it so a spray version was very much welcome for me! First you spray this all over your hair when damp and then comb through to ensure the product is evenly distributed, you then section your hair and blow dry using a round ceramic brush with your hairdryer.

I found this product SO easy to apply, you can spray this quite liberally because it's so lightweight so there isn't the fear of your hair feeling hard/sticky from product overload. I managed to achieve a good amount of volume without any frizz and once fixed with hairspray this lasted best part of the day. Like any TIGI products, this smells absolutely gorgeous - it reminds me of a floral perfume!

You can purchase this product online at any TIGI Catwalk stockist, check out their website for more styling products and hints and tips!

♥ Sarah x